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          Good News | Mailian Medical Wins Second Prize in 2017 Health Care Innovation Competition


          Organized by Zhejiang Health Service Promotion Association and Zhejiang Science and Technology Market, hosted by Hangzhou Indus Cloud Culture Development Co., Ltd. (Cloud Coffee), the 2017 Health Care Innovation Competition took place in Hangzhou. The judges of the competition are all experts in the medical industry, including Director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, You Xiangdong.


          The project (non-invasive continuous monitoring system on blood pressure per heartbeat ) of Zhejiang Mailian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was unanimously approved by experts. Pictures from the scene:


          Figure 1: Roadshow by the General Manager of ML Medical, Du Xiaodong


          Figure2: Competition Awards on the scene


          Figure3: Competition Awards on the scene


          Figure 4: ML Medical won the second prize in this competition

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