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          Construction of New Facility of Mailian Medical Completed!

          The completion ceremony for the new plant and office of Zhejiang Mailian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was officially held at 1:18 pm on January 22, 2018. Du Xiaodong, General Manager of ML Medical, Deputy General Manager Fu Yongjun, and Shareholder Representatives Liu Xufang and Zhao Yongzhi gathered together to celebrate this historic moment.


          Figure 1: On the day of the event, Mailian Medical General Manager Du Xiaodong made a speech at the event


          Figure 2: Mailian Medical General Manager Du Xiaodong, Deputy General Manager Fu Yongjun and Shareholder Representatives Liu Xufang and Zhao Yongzhi gather together

          The completion of the new plant and office means that the development of Mailian Medical has reached a new stage with historic significance. The company will vigorously carry out the industrial R&D of new research techniques such as newborn non-invasive real-time blood pressure monitoring system, cardiac output monitoring system, cardiac output tester, 24-hour dynamic cardiac output tester, and blood vessel hardness tester. At the same time, we will improve our product chain, integrate conventional multi-parameters into our products, and increase our competitiveness and market share. Layout of our new office:





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