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          Director of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration Inspected the Sino-Israeli Industrial Cooperation Park - Mailian Medical


          On the afternoon of January 15, 2018, Party Secretary/Director of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration, Chen Shifei, conducted a special investigation on the Sino-Israeli Industrial Cooperation Park in Zhejiang Province (Yuhang); Joining the investigation were Party Committee Secretary of the Development Zone/Director of the Management Committee Shen Yao, Party Working Committee member of Development Zone, Jiang Yehua, and Deputy Director of the Management Committee.

          Chen Shifei and his party visited a number of enterprises in biomedical incubators and learned about the non-invasive continuous monitoring system on blood pressure per heartbeat developed by Zhejiang Mailian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and gave them high evaluation and expectations. Pictures on the scene:



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