The Herbal Way to Boost Your Bedroom Performance

Penis enlargement programs do come at a high price. And while there are many who are not really willing to spend their hard-earned money on such solutions, most of the same people are actually out to find cheaper yet effective ways of getting bigger, longer, and thicker penises. Here are some of them ‘ in the form of herbal products.

Ginseng is actually one of your best options. The plant has long been used by the Chinese and Native Americans and is famous for its capability of increasing the body’s resistance to stressful activities without draining itself of its energy. Moreover, you can also use ginseng as a vasodilator and a stimulant. Its roots ‘ Red Ginseng ‘ can even stimulate sexual functions.

The extract of Kola nuts is also a good stimulant you can use. This substance is primarily used as brain food ‘ the replenishment of depleted energy reserves. Aside from that, by coupling the herbal extract with B complex, it would be easier for your body to increase its energy, make metabolism faster, improve hormonal functions and circulation, promote healthy nerves, and increase stamina.

Another plant known as the Damiana has long been used in the US as an aphrodisiac as well as a booster of sexual activity. Looking back into history, you just might find out certain psychological cases related to depression and anxiety, where Damiana was prescribed by psychologists for their patients. This is especially true for cases that involve sex-related issues.

Whatever you do, steer clear of herbal products that contain ephedra or yohimbe. These are indeed stimulants but they are just too strong. They have the tendency to interfere with the functioning of your cardiovascular system so stay away from these.

Worry about Fertility No More with Zinc

There have been recently completed studies that do bring about yet more evidence that there is indeed a strong relationship between zinc and the testicular sperm production. A group of volunteers were actually given supplements of Zinc Sulphate and Folic Acid, to assess the effects of these substances on spermatogenesis. The results show that these two substances promote sperm concentration, particularly in the volunteers who were considered subfertile. Though the mechanisms involved were not really as clear as they should be and still need to be studied further, it remains clear enough that the two substances can indeed help men conceive children.

Those who are interested to benefit from this milestone should consider taking on the recommended supplemental period of roughly 26 weeks. This was actually the timeframe during which the entire study was conducted. During this period, daily doses administered were 5mg Folic Acid and 66mg Zinc Sulphate. These doses have been deemed safe since not one volunteer reported anything resembling a side effect. This indicates that you yourself can take the same number of daily doses over the same timeframe, provided that you do discuss this with your physician prior to taking this endeavor on. Apart from that, sperm tests should be conducted before and after the treatment, to compare any changes in sperm concentration.

Zinc has long been defined as a relevant ingredient in terms of spermatogenesis, which is why it is frequently included in penis enlargement pills as well as semen volume boosters. These pills can actually help you in your plight to make your penis bigger. Apart from that, the pills can also help you produce more sperm. Along with Zinc, these pills also come with Drilizen, Cordyceps, and Reishi Mushrooms ‘ all of which can improve both your hormonal and vascular systems. Thus, if you have worries about your fertility, try penis enlargement pills and semen volume boosters that contain Zinc. Examples of such pills are VolumePills and ProSolution Pills.