Simple Tricks to Lengthening Your Penis

Not all men are as gifted and as endowed down there, if you know what I mean. This is quite sad for a lot of us average guys. However, this does not mean that you would just have to learn to be contented with what you have, especially when you have been scrutinized by the ladies that you have been with. You may be average in size down there but there are ways for you to turn the tables around.

So, how do you do just that? There are some tricks that you can play out; and believe me when I say, these tricks can actually be quite simple. The first trick is to trim or shave off your pubic hair. Really, this would seem trivial at this point in time ‘ more particularly if you have not tried it before. But there have been so many cases when a man’s pubic hair unintentionally hides his penis’s true size. Yes, the ladies may want a manlier penis ‘ so to speak ‘ and this comes with pubic hair. But if you are out to get a few more inches on that member of yours, then you best shave off your pubic hair. Well, you do not really have to shave everything off ‘ just trim it down to a comfortable length.

Secondly, you need to lose weight ‘ that is, if you do have a fair share of those few extra pounds. You may not have considered this option, but when you do shed off that excess bulge, you actually add more inches to your penis. Besides, rarely would a woman want to see a penis in hiding because of that fat belly. Go on a diet and get that proper exercise regimen going and you will be in tiptop shape in no time.

Lastly, make sure to have a long and hot shower before you do the deed. A hot shower actually allows your blood vessels to expand, thereby drawing more blood to your penis. Moreover, nothing gets you in the mood for foreplay than a hot and relaxing shower!

The Effect of Diet on Penis Size

You are what you eat ‘ we all just might be familiar with that old adage. But when it comes to penis size, can you really say that diet can affect the size of your member? If you think about it, the food you eat is the source of all the nutrients that you would need to keep your body as healthy and fit as it should be. Without the presence of the right mix of substances in your diet, you just might suffer from all sorts of diseases that are related with malnutrition.

Yes, food does influence the human body as well as its functions. And this is precisely why there is reason to believe that the food that you take in can influence your member’s size. And if you think about it further, even the act of wearing tight pangs can hamper the production of sperm ‘ which is referred to as spermatogenesis. Being too tight, your pants could hinder the performance of your testes, which is responsible for sperm production. If such an activity can affect sperm production, then you would have more than enough reason to assume that diet can indeed affect penis size.

So, what kind of food should you take in to increase penis size? The main concept here is to look for ingredients that promote constant blood flow. These substances are actually known as vasodilators and their mechanism is all about relaxing the smooth muscles that make up the walls of the penis’s blood vessels. There are many food substances that contain vasodilators, which include tuna, salmon, milk, eggs, liver, and certain vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

At this point in time, there really is no scientific evidence that supports the influence of food on penis size. Still, it has been observed that the presence of these vasodilators does promote blood flue ‘ which is primary ingredient to erection. Thus, it would really pay to consume the mentioned food substances.